The Centurions Cycling Club recognizes the millions of Americans battling cancer.  You symbolically lead this team, because we know your battle is symbolically like our journey; the ride may be long, it may have ups and downs, and it may sometimes be painful, both mentally and physically.  If you’re in the battle, know that every stroke of the pedal we take, and the long miles traveled up a winding mountain road we do with you in mind.  You are our Team Leader and we are here to support you in your fight!

Riding Domestique for the Fight Against Cancer

According to recent statistical data, more than 15.5 million Americans are battling some form of cancer today. It’s estimated that this next year, another 1.6 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with the disease. The reality of the matter is cancer does not discriminate and there is a high probability that somebody reading this has been personally affected by the disease or knows somebody that has been affected.

Battling cancer is a challenge, but the fight never should be one person’s battle.  Within the cancer community, there is amazing support groups, or team of “domestiques,” if we refer to it in cycling terms. Metaphorically speaking, the journey to fight cancer does not mean one must go at it alone, but rather use his or her team of domestiques to win and beat the disease.

We Are Just One of Many Domestiques

There are amazing pro-active advancements occurring in the fight to treat cancer every day. Our club sponsor, City of Hope is one of the leading medical treatment and research centers in that fight. Additionally, there is a whole community there to support those battling the disease. It’s like no other community, and it’s made up of amazing medical professionals, advocates, and survivors that have a true passion to help. This community, which includes the Centurions Cycling Club are the Domestiques for the fight against cancer and we are all here to help and support, promote inspiration, and raise awareness to this disease.

What We Promote Is One Way to Beat Cancer

Stuart Scott, a former ESPN Sportscaster once said the following:

“You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live. So live! Fight like hell, and when you get too tired to fight, then lay down and rest and let somebody else fight for you.”

A large contingency of the Centurions Cycling Cub is made up of individuals affected by the disease or can relate to the challenges of a fight. Our Club is made up of individuals directly challenged by the disease, people in the fight, battling cancer and cancer survivors. Doctors, Medical Staff, Pharmaceutical Representatives, to even Police Officers, who in their own way can understand the challenges associated to win a different kind of fight. It’s our goal to inspire anyone directly affected by cancer, to follow Stuart Scott’s words of encouragement, live your life to the fullest, and fight! And if you get too tired, know that there is a whole community of “domestiques” here to support and inspire you, including the members and sponsors that make up the Centurions Cycling Club.

How Any Cyclist Can Help

Make a difference in the fight against cancer and help us inspire others in their battle against this disease by simply sharing your riding experience and letting those that are battling cancer know you thought about them during your ride. Use the hashtag #Team3cBike in your social media posts, or contact us, and we'll make an effort to share your message. You can also get more involved by becoming a member of our club.